ESD Accessories

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Accessories for ESD workbenches, designed to protect the user and components from electric discharge.

Insulating Strip:

  • Necessary when adding a Worktop Service Duct to your workbench
  • Prevents the build up of static electricity within the service duct

Earth / Ground Lead:

  • Ensures a safe path to ground preventing an ESD event
  • Fitted with a 1 ohm resistor - helps discharge the static electricity

Earth / Ground Lead with 3 Pin Plug:

  • Earth / Ground Lead with a 3 pin plug
  • 3 pin plug can be used in conjunction with the Worktop / Post fitted service duct

Wrist Strap:

  • Wrist Strap with a 10mm stud or 4mm banana
  • Attach to Earth / Ground Lead to allow a safe path to ground
  • Recommended for users when working

Double Data Socket:

  • Provides 2 points for Ethernet or telephone cables

RCB Circuit Breaker:

  • Instantly breaks an electrical circuit
  • Designed to prevent serious harm caused by an ongoing electrical shock
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