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At Cupboards Direct, we understand the requirements of access equipment for safety when working at heights. Our range of ladders, platforms and steps are carefully selected for ultimate safety. Across the site, we stock high quality and brands that you can trust. So, you can put your mind at rest that no matter small or large working height, we have you covered!

How can Access Equipment help you?

Whether you’re buying for yourself, or employees, quality access equipment minimises the risk of injury. Upgrading your old equipment improves speed and efficiency when working. Our specialist equipment range are ideal for various roles and workspace settings. For instance, warehouses, reaching archives, accessing high shelves quickly and much more...

Safety First Access Equipment

Ultimately, Safety is the most important factor to consider when working at heights. This is due to the high level of accidents and injuries that happen each year. Users must take part in training to work safely with equipment. Training staff for be equipment confident can avoid dangerous working conditions. This ensures users do not overreach, this tends to happen when ladders are too small or too tall. This scenario makes it more likely to lose balance and even tip over the equipment. A further common mistake to avoid is not checking over equipment before use. This ensures ladders are not damaged or broken to be fit for use.

Complying with British Safety Standards

Across the wide range, we acknowledge the British Standards Institute safety standards. Typically, you can find this in the product descriptions. For safety measures, ladders, steps, and platforms are test to strict standards for compliance in the workplace. What to look out for? You will see reference to BS 2037 class 1 and BS EN 131. The EN 131 Standards apply to medium and heavy-duty ladders with a load capacity of 150kg and above. Depending on your needs, the equipment you may need might vary. So, pay close attention to these standards when comparing which steps you should get.

Access Equipment for every Industry

Whatever the height, we have something for you with our wide variety of access equipment. This includes our best-selling warehouse steps. These are particularly ideal for warehouses for picking items when reaching taller shelving. To compare, step ladders and kick steps are ideal for domestic and trade use. In general, they are ideal for tasks a few meters off the ground for quick and easy access. Lastly, telescopic and extension ladders are ideal to reach large heights.

We provide access equipment from across the UK and all over the world. A popular brand is climb-it. They provide heavy duty access equipment with various industry features and extensive warranties. We produce our products to the highest quality to serve you for years to come. So, rest assured you can shop with confidence!

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