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At Cupboards direct we offer an extensive range of platform trucks, also known as platform trolleys or platform truck trolleys. Our range includes a variety of different platform trucks that cater to different load capacities and storage requirements. For example, when transporting heavy loads around a workplace, we recommend opting for a heavy duty platform trolley. On the other hand, should you require the platform cart for day to day activities, the folding platform truck would be a great alternative. Below are some advantages of owning a platform trolley as well as the key differences.

Advantages of owning a Platform Truck

  • Platform trolleys are versatile. They are suited to a number of different industries including warehouses, distribution centres and retail stores. In addition, the flexibility of the platform trolleys means users can move large loads from one place to another no matter the environment.
  • Standard platform trucks are easy to use. They require very minimal training and experience for the operator. It is as simple as using the handle to transport heavy loads around the space. A bonus is they also require no special licences or certifications.
  • A cost-effective solution. At cupboards direct prices for our high quality platform trucks starts at just £47.83. This makes them an ideal choice for small businesses that may not want to invest in more expensive equipment.
  • They improve safety and productivity. Hand trolleys allow for more items to be moved around in less time and with less effort. They can also improve safety by reducing the amount of manual lifting that needs to be done during a working day.

Folding Platform Trucks

Our folding platform trolleys are designed to move heavy items easily around a workspace that may have numerous obstacles. The swivel castors allow the truck to easily get around a number of different items that are scattered around a working environment. In addition, the ability for the trucks to be stored in a variety of different areas is increased as they can be folded flat.

Multi Position Platform Trucks

Our multi position platform truck is our most efficient platform truck for storage. Multi-position trucks are ideal for customers who need to cater to more than one job in their industry. Made from aluminium, the truck is very light weight and is therefore ideal to store in car boots. A huge advantage of shopping our multi-position truck is that they have corner buffers for extra protection when in use.

Heavy duty Platform Trucks

Our heavy duty platform trucks are designed to transport very heavy items and loads where necessary. We have heavy duty platform trolleys with load capacities of up to 500kg. They are also powder coated in a variety of different colours for safety reasons or to match your colour scheme of the workplace.

Platform Trolley with sides

Our platform trolleys with sides contain twin handles making them easier to move around the workplace. The mesh sided platform truck is ideal to keep larger items in the trolley without the fear of the objects falling out. We have a large variety of different options and materials available to cater to everyone's wants and needs.

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Buy Platform Trucks from Cupboards Direct Ltd! Our range includes Folding Plastic Base Platform trucks and Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Trucks. Buy online or call 01384 887084 for a friendly chat and advice