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Pallet trucks - why you need them and how do they work

Pallet trucks are great for when you need to manoeuvre larger and heavier objects around any busy working environment. A pallet truck can also be referred to as a pallet jack, pallet mover, pallet trolley, pallet stacker and they also are offered as electric pallet trucks. Each pallet truck is operated through a leak-proof hydraulic system to make moving the pallets as easy and as safe as possible. When using the pallet trucks, make sure you are aware of our surroundings to ensure maximum safety. To do this, check the load weight that you want to put onto the pallet stacker to ensure that the pallet truck is able to move it as best and as safely as possible. Our range of pallet trucks are designed to solve each and ever issue your workplace may have with manoeuvring heavy objects. In addition, lifting objects to certain heights is also something the pallet trucks can solve. 

Benefits of pallet trucks 

  • Speeds up workflow in busy environments 
  • Easy to manoeuvre 
  • Reduces physical strain on your workforce
  • Increases efficiency
  • Cost saving due to longevity in the product

Our best sellers 

  • The hand pallet truck is very commo and currently ranges from 2000kg to 5000kg load capacity. They are a slightly smaller choice, making them most useful for smaller warehouses.
  • High lift pallet trucks speak for themselves. They are most convenient for loading and unloading vehicles which usually leave pallets at a height. These trucks lift up to 800mm high and still have  large load capacity. 
  • With our electric pallet truck, all that is needed is for you to press a button attached to the pallet truck for it to be raised. Handling different objects has never been easier with this equipment. 

Pallet Trucks are available to order from Cupboards Direct. Our range includes Standard Hand Pallet Trucks, Low Profile Pallet Trucks, High Lift Pallet Trucks, Wet Area Pallet Trucks, Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks, Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks, Reel Trucks and Electric Pallet Trucks. Buy online or call us on 01384 887084 for a friendly chat and advice.