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What are order picking trolleys for?

Order picking trolleys have alternative names. Such as warehouse picking trolleys, warehouse picking trolleys and stock picking trolleys. These are ideal for industries where their day to day activities include work in packing areas and picking stock from different heights. The trolleys contain a shelf or multi-tired bin which is mobile, on wheels. They are also able move through working environments by being pushed by the user. They are best used in warehouses and other busy environments. Picking trolleys are also used for carrying any full or empty containers. For example, around workplaces like factories. When orders are stocked, the picking trolleys ensure that time is not wasted. It also ensures that delivering orders is easy and simple. These products also help with organization. 

Benefits of using order picking trolleys

Picking trolleys with steps are the perfect way to reduce time waste. Our picking trolleys come with Ergonomically designed handrails. They are 600mm high and ensure increased comfort and safety when in use. They also come on wheels which means that the picking trolley can support the heavy items. This avoids any injuries for our customers. 

Our range 

We offer a wide range of trolleys. The variety of colours include blue, red, green and black for a more simple look. They also come with ladders. So if a customer needed to reach something in higher environments. Such as stock rooms our range would solve that problem. We also offer warehouse trolleys with 2 tier shelves or 3 tier shelves to ensure greatest storage use. 

Contact us for any help needed

Buy online via our secure website or give us a call on 01384 887084 for a friendly chat from our sales team. They will be happy to answer any questions or enquiries.