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Our specialist range of protection bollards are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Most beneficial as impact protection system. Perfect to safe guard valuable assets such as machinery, columns, racking and stock. As well as safe guarding property to create a safe work space for pedestrian walkways and traffic lanes.

How can Protection Bollards help?

Protection bollards can be used to show where access points and loading bays are present. This is due to their high visibility in warehouse spaces. Versatile, they can be used individually or positioned at intervals to suit your environment. They work to protect warehouse environments from damage from moving vehicles, to increase safety for staff, pedestrians or visitors. Ideal placement in factories, delivery depots, and many industrial environments. <.p>

What do we recommend?

Our best selling Black Bull Flexible Protection Bollard, provides a range of application uses to upgrade your warehouse. These provide extra protection, to give up to 25 degrees movement. This means that damage to the bollard, or what is it protecting will be minimal. Most ideal to protect against vehicle damage, such as forklifts and pallet trucks and vehicles. Perfect for use in areas with large volumes of traffic, including factories and industrial environments. The combination of an internal spring and buffer, works by absorbing impact forces.

Designed with heavy duty usage and steel manufactured for ultimate protection. Our steel bollards are available in different colours to suit your working area. The black and yellow powder coated safety bollards are a great option for standing out, with alternative plastic options available.

How to order Protection Bollards?

If your unsure of what you require, feel free to contact our friendly sales team on 01384887084. Need your bollards quickly? At Cupboards Direct we can ensure you receive your bollards as fast as possible with our faster delivery service options. With many of our best selling bollards, delivery is 3-5 working days. Check our product descriptions to check!

For any further information on purchasing your protection bollards, don't hesitate to get in touch! Talk to our experts today to find the right fit for you.