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Sack trucks are a great piece of handling equipment to move and transport items. This can be whether that is on a smooth concrete floor or up and down stairs, or even used as garden carts.

They are also known as sack barrows and sack trolleys. We offer a range of sack trucks that are versatile and cater to a variety of different environments. They include a folding sack barrow, a heavy-duty sack truck, and a stairclimbing sack truck range.

At Cupboards Direct we pride ourselves on having the best quality items for moving heavy loads. We also make the purchasing process as easy as possible for our customers. Each product has important key features inside so our customers can navigate the right sack truck. Load capacities, delivery time, sizing, and manufacturing details are also included.

Introduction of our different ranges

The AluTruk sack barrow range is currently our best seller. They are constructed of lightweight aluminium and are made with strong magnesium axle brackets. This ensures durability and easier use for our customers.

Stair climber trucks are key when needing to move heavy items up and down stairs. It is designed so that the third extra wheel ensures your safety and simplicity.

The folding trolleys range offers easy storage for all our customers. Our folding sack trucks are perfect if you need to move heavy loads but have limited space. The 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 multi-purpose sack trucks are the best option if you need to move loads of different sizes.

Value and premium Sack Trucks

We offer a wide range of hand trucks that can cater to all our customer's budgets. Our most affordable truck is the Stanley Folding Stair Climber. This all-round product is suitable for easy storage and moving heavy loads up and down stairs.

A more premium version sack trolley we offer is the Folding foot stair climber with 120kg load capacity. This is slightly more expensive than our most affordable truck. However, it is more durable and can carry a heavier load capacity making it worth it!

TUFF Heavy Duty Sack Truck - Best Seller

The TUFF Heavy Duty Sack Barrow is designed to ensure heavy goods are being transported around a working environment. We recommend the sack truck to be used in environments such as mailrooms, offices, warehouses, and stockrooms. Due to the sack truck being in stock, we offer free next-day delivery if you are based in the UK. This is a huge advantage to customers who need their items as quickly as possible. As usual delivery time for sack trucks is expected to be at least 5 days when shopping with us.

The reason this sack cart is said to be our best seller is due to the key features it offers. Firstly, as the item is manufactured in the UK, this means that the quality and durability of the item is of exceptional standard. In addition, the fully welded construction is designed to give the truck extra stability when handling heavy duty loads. The steel plates in front of the puncture-proof castors are also there to protect the wheels daily.

We are here to help!

If you have any questions or queries about our range of sack barows, call us at 01384 887084 or email us at We also have a live chat where our friendly sales team will be happy to help.