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An introduction into our Tipping-skips range

All of our Tipping skips at Cupboards direct are CE Marked. They are great for handling different materials within any workforce. It is essential to understand your wants and needs from a tipping skip before choosing one. Within all of our products in this category, you will find a brief description of each tipping skip. This will cover everything from load capacities to forklift options. Tipping skips can also be used to gather waste that has formed over a period of time. They are handy for emptying the gathered waste in a safe manner. 

In addition, here are many different forms of tipping skips that we offer, each variety can be used for very different activities. Manual tipping skips are best designed for manual handling. They are designed so you can decide when the skip needs to be emptied. To do this, all you need to do is release a manual release handle. We also offer Self tipping skips which are great for smoothing your recycling process within your workplace. This form of tipping skip is very efficient. It is auto tipping and the operator will not have to leave the chair of the forklift truck. This is because the auto locking mechanism ensures that everything is kept n place. This is therefore ideal for collecting waste around busy environments. The auto tipper skips ensures tasks are done as fast as possible.

TUFF Tipping skips

Our TUFF range of fully tested forklift Tipping skips are manufactured in the United Kingdom. This means they are of very high quality and are health and safety tested. Our heavy duty tipping skips are also designed to control waste management within the workplace. This ensures a well organised and clean environment for employees.

With key accessories such as castor wheels, you can transform your tipper skip to become mobile. Attach the castor wheels onto the stationary tipping skip. You then have the freedom and flexibility to manoeuvre your skip wherever!

Which Tipping skips are worth having?

Tipper skips come with a wide range of different accessories and purposes. Choosing the right one for you and your workplace can be difficult and time consuming. However, if you know the key differences, there should be no problem! Firstly, having a tipping bin on castors gives the option to wheel the skip by hand should this need to happen. For instance, sometimes in busy workplaces it is necessary to be able to move the tipper skip a short distance. This may be to clear the way and ensure there is no danger to the working environments. Having the skip on wheels means that operators can move the item easily and quickly rather than relying on a forklift skip which may take more time.

The next thing to consider when choosing the right tipping bin for your workplace is to decide on the load capacity. Having a heavy duty tipper skip is the best solution if you rely on the skip often. This is because it offers greater strength and durability than a standard tipping bin. It is therefore necessary to ensure that your tipper bin is made from a heavy duty material such as Steel.

We are happy to help...

Please contact us for questions or queries about our range of tipping skips? Call us on 01384 887084 or email us at sales@cupboardsdirect.co.uk. We also have a live chat where our friendly sales team will be happy to help in a matter on no time!