Personal Effects Lockers

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Personal Effects Lockers

Personal Effects Lockers have become some of the most desirable storage solutions in the market. Smart devices have become an essential part of our lives. Therefore, giving your staff or guests the option to store, and charge, these devices in a safe place will make them feel more confident in and around your workplace.

Mobile Phone Lockers

These mobile phone lockers were originally designed for the storage of Police Mobile Radios. They are ideal for the secure storage of small personal items. These include mobile phones, wallets, cameras and mp3 players. Mobile phone Lockers can be stacked and fixed to walls for great use of available space. Alternatively, they can be bolted on the top of one another or side by side to form a bank of lockers. We also supply these lockers pre-drilled for wall mounting. They are also available with 4 or 8 locker doors. Doors are available in solid or perforated steel. This allows the contents to remain visible.

Small Personal Effects Lockers

Small Personal Effects Lockers are an ideal way of providing secure storage for smaller items. This gives your staff peace of mind in the workplace. Available in 5 colours and 2 types to choose from. Purchase the single 8 door lokcer or as a nest of 2, totalling 16 locker doors. Pre-drilled for nesting (nesting bolts are available free of charge - please request these when ordering). Powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology anti-bacterial paint.

Minibox 20 Door Deep Lockers

These small lockers are ideal for storing mobile phones, wallets, and purses etc. You can stack these to create a wall of handy sized individual locker compartments. All doors are lockable and fitted with a high-quality cam lock, supplied with 2 keys as standard (hasp and staple lock also available at same price). Choose from several locker door colours: Blue, Green Red and Yellow.

Personal Item Storage Lockers

Personal Item Storage Lockers are ideal for the storage of watches, personal jewellery, wallets, purses, and mobile phones. Useful in security sensitive areas or visitor reception areas. Designed for use on or off the floor (anchor against the wall on a load bearing raised platform). We supply all Personal Item storage lockers with key cam locks along with 2 keys. Available with a flat top or sloping top. Finished Mid grey with blue, red, or mid-grey doors. Free Delivery on every order

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