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ESD Workbenches are strong, steel frame workbenches with static dissipative features. The workbenches are made of Neostat or Lamstat materials, preventing static electricity from transferring between the user and the electronic component. ESD workbenches are specially designed for use in Electrostatic Protected Areas.

The benefit of ESD Workbenches

Commonly referred to as Anti static workbenches, they are most suitable for use with electrical components in industrial environments. This is great for repair work or on assembly lines, with the main benefit being they prevent esd damage to components your working with.

ESD or Electro-Static Discharge is electricity between two charged objects causing static charges between the electronic devices. These can cause latent defects in electrical items, including power supplies. ESD events can cause them to malfunction at any time, therefore protecting this occurrence is a priority. The use of ESD Workbenches will save money and will increase productivity, since a safe electrostatic discharge is created by the anti-static accessories.

Our Specialist Range

Our exclusive range of ESD Workbenches includes the choice of Square Tube or Cantilever workbenches. The Square Tube ESD Workbench features box section steel with square leg frames. This supports the bench to give it the sturdiness for work. These support channels prevent the bench from parallelogramming, which is a sideways movement in the legs, common with poorly made workbenches.

On the other hand, the Cantilever style is perfect for those who work sat down and want to move along the bench. The cantilever version design frees up space underneath the bench, providing the user more leg room compared to the Square Tube Workbench. Ultimately the choice between two styles is personal preference on how individuals prefer to work.

We manufacture our ESD workbenches to the highest quality, right here in the West Midlands, UK. Made from quality steel with a powder coated grey finish.

Choice of worktops

At Cupboards Direct we have chosen the most effective esd worktops to finish our workbenches. Both Square Tube and Cantilever workbenches are available in either Neostat or Lamstat worktops, most suited to esd work.

Lamstat: This is a plastic laminate static dissipative surface. It has resistance of 106-108 ohms. This is an ideal work surface for those working with heat such as soldering and chemicals.Lamstat: This is a plastic laminate static dissipative surface. It has resistance of 106-108 ohms. This is an ideal work surface for those working with heat such as soldering and chemicals.

Neostat: In comparison Neostat has a rubber dual-layer with a resistance of 105- 107 ohms. The bottom layer is conductive, with the top layer is dissipative. In turn this creates a safe path to the ground. This is ideal to prevent small parts from moving to give more control and accuracy when working.

When choosing between the worktops it is important to consider what ohmage you need that is most suitable to what your working with. Moreover, the user should consider what tools and parts they will be using to conduct the work.

Custom to you

We have the best range of anti static accessories available to personalise your esd work station to suit individual working needs. In the instance on an esd event, our accessories can reduce impact and prevent it from occurring to begin with. This makes them a valuable addition to your esd bench.

Our best selling accessories including Earth/Ground leads to increase user safety. As well as RCD Circuit Breakers which prevent harm caused by electric shocks. A combination of accessories can be used to fully customise your esd bench, prevent sensitive electronic static discharges from occurring in the form of esd protection.

Let's work Together

If you require any assistance choosing your ESD workbench, or would like a recommendation don't hesitate to contact us!

We want to ensure every customer gets the very best price, therefore if you are ordering 4+ workbenches please contact us for your no obligation free quote. You can get your questions answered via telephone on 01384 887084 or email us at .