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Height Adjustable Workbenches

The ability to adjust the height of your workstation has become increasingly popular. And for good reason too. Workbenches often involve very demanding work from the user. Whether that is physically or mentally. Therefore, working ergonomically has never been more important. We have a selection of height adjustable workbenches that focus specifically on the ability to prioritise your comfort. However, the quality of the workbench is not compromised. The 3 effective methods to adjust your tool benches are by:

  • Allen Key - the simplest and most effective method for height adjustments
  • Hand Crank - conveniently placed, turn clockwise or anti-clockwise until desired height is set
  • Electric Motor - simply using 2 buttons to adjust the height of your workstation, the easiest and most effective method

Your Work Table

Once you have established which method best suites your working style, you can now focus on worktop materials and workbench styles. So, the workbench worktops available across this range are:

  • Laminate
  • Beech
  • Linoleum

Our Laminate worktops are the most cost effective. As a result, are easy to clean are resistant to oil and grease. Beech worktops are softer and easier to maintain. Therefore, reduces damage from accidents. With its 27mm thickness, it is great for heavy duty appliances. Linoleum worktops are resistant to diluted acids, oils and conventional solvents. However, we do not recommend them for use with alkalis. All DIY workbenches need a worktop. Be sure to consider every option before deciding on the worktop you feel is best suited to you.

The Perfect DIY Workbench

Accessorise your tool bench, whether it's a Garage Workbench or a Shed Workbench. We have some great options to allow you to customise your workspace. As a result, creating an ergonomic environment should be the number 1 priority. So, assess which size is best suited to you and ensure that everything is within arms reach. Look at our Binary range and the accessories that can accommodate that range.

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Please contact our sales team with your requirements to discuss further. If there is any more information you would like about any of our products here at Cupboards Direct, please get in touch. Contact our Sales team on 01384 887 084.