Pigeon Hole Cabinets

Pigeon Hole Cabinets

Pigeon hole Cabinets are a fundamental part of any workplace that requires organised storage. We have many pigeon hole cabinets available for all industries. Thus, will provide a solution to any organisation in need of small compartment storage space. Our pigeon hole units range from wooden wall mounted units to steel floor mounted units. The majority of our pigeon hole storage units are available in the following finishes:

  • Beech
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • White
  • Grey
  • Pigeon Hole Shelving

    Our Contemporary Pigeon Hole Units include clear shelving. This gives it a modern and clean finish. The shelving is also adjustable. Each shelf includes a tag. You are able to name each shelf using the tags and sleeves provided. This will help you arrange your paper work. Explore more of our Modern pigeon hole units above.

    Wall Mounted Pigeon Hole Storage

    Mounting your pigeon hole units to the wall has a number of benefits. They are only accessible to adults and are perfect for eye level storage. Wall mounted pigeon holes allow for more open space below. This will give you more space and storage. Our wall mounted units allow for easy access for adults. So, arranging your documents has never been easier. 

    Traditional Pigeon Hole Units

    Like our Contemporary units, our Traditional units are also wall mounted. Yet, with its 18mm thick MFC shelving. This range is available in 3 finishes: Beech, Maple and Oak. This is the only range with pigeon hole wooden shelves.

    Table Mounted Pigeon Hole Cabinets

    This range is perfect for mail storage rooms that need an area to work on. It's a great example of how pigeon hole shelving should be done. You are able to select up to 60 compartments for better organisation. The natural wood construction of these units reflect that of our Contemporary Pigeon Hole Units.

    Freestanding Pigeon Hole Units

    Our fantastic range of Freestanding pigeon holes consist of an 18mm laminate construction. We are able to offer up to 90 pigeon hole compartments. Our largest measuring in at: H1930 x W1362 x D375mm. You are able to adjust and position the pigeon hole shelving how you like. This range is also available in the same 5 finishes in the description above. It is made up of pigeon holes for Office environments.

    Combi Mail Pigeon Hole Cabinets

    Our Combi Mail units introduce the added benefit of cupboard space. With up to 60 compartments to utilise and cupboard space below, this is a fantastic storage solution. Also, our fantastic Mailroom Sorting Systems are part of this range. This pigeon hole storage cabinet range is made up of drawers, cupboards and shelving. This is our only range that combines these features. This creates a hybrid cupboard pigeon unit. 

    Steel Mail Pigeon Hole Units

    Our Steel Mail units are made from sheet steel in Grey. They offer great quality and security. There is a choice of both wall and floor mounted units. You can choose up to 30 compartments. Each unit is delivered with cylinder locks and 2 keys for each compartment. As well as a master key that opens the entire side. This is the perfect range for anyone in the market for strong and secure pigeon hole storage.

    Pigeon Hole Columned Units

    Make the most of your floor storage with our Columned Units. They have the same build quality as our Freestanding pigeon holes. They are a fantastic option. Especially for Offices and Schools. We have made sure that there is plenty of variety when it comes to this range. You can select up to 10 rows and 4 columns in a single unit. This gives you some great options to choose from.

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    Bespoke sizes and configurations are available. Please contact our sales team with your requirements to discuss further. If there is any more information you would like about any of our products here at Cupboards Direct, please get in touch. Contact our Sales team on 01384 887 084.