TUFF Lockers

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The TUFF Lockers are high-quality compartment lockers perfect for a variety of organisations that require secure storage space. Peace of mind and practicality are at the heart of its design.

  • High in quality
  • Fantastic colour choices
  • Simple yet incredibly effective Cam lock fitted as standard
  • Coin return and combination locks are also available
  • Includes a security shelf in each compartment to prevent users from accessing other lockers
  • Single compartment lockers are fitted with a top shelf
  • Choose up to 6 compartments for each locker 
  • Options to combine colours and configuration
  • All lockers are Fire Guard Tested and Certified to EN 13501-1, Reaction to Fire Classification A2-s2
  • Made in the UK



  • Height: 1800mm
  • Depths: 300 / 380 / 450mm
  • Material: 0.7mm mild steel


Internal Height of Compartments:

  • 1 Door = 1698mm (top shelf height = 270mm)
  • 2 Door = 830mm each
  • 3 Door = 548mm each
  • 4 Door = 408mm each
  • 5 Door = 318mm each
  • 6 Door = 260mm each
CodeSizeDoor ColourNo. of Doors
50800282BEW300 x D300mmBlue1
50800282RDW300 x D300mmRed1
50800282LBW300 x D300mmLight Blue1
50800282YWW300 x D300mmYellow1
50800282GNW300 x D300mmGreen1
50800282DGW300 x D300mmDark Grey1
50800282LGW300 x D300mmLight Grey1
50800283RDW300 x D300mmRed2
50800283BEW300 x D300mmBlue2
50800283LBW300 x D300mmLight Blue2
50800283YWW300 x D300mmYellow2
50800283GNW300 x D300mmGreen2
50800283DGW300 x D300mmDark Grey2
50800283LGW300 x D300mmLight Grey2
50800284RDW300 x D300mmRed3
50800284BEW300 x D300mmBlue3
50800284LBW300 x D300mmLight Blue3
50800284YWW300 x D300mmYellow3
50800284GNW300 x D300mmGreen3
50800284DGW300 x D300mmDark Grey3
50800284LGW300 x D300mmLight Grey3
50800285RDW300 x D300mmRed4
50800285BEW300 x D300mmBlue4
50800285LBW300 x D300mmLight Blue4
50800285YWW300 x D300mmYellow4
50800285GNW300 x D300mmGreen4
50800285DGW300 x D300mmDark Grey4
50800285LGW300 x D300mmLight Grey4
50800286RDW300 x D300mmRed5
50800286BEW300 x D300mmBlue5
50800286LBW300 x D300mmLight Blue5
50800286YWW300 x D300mmYellow5
50800286GNW300 x D300mmGreen5
50800286LGW300 x D300mmLight Grey5
50800286DGW300 x D300mmDark Grey5
50800287RDW300 x D300mmRed6
50800287BEW300 x D300mmBlue6
50800287LBW300 x D300mmLight Blue6
50800287YWW300 x D300mmYellow6
50800287GNW300 x D300mmGreen6
50800287DGW300 x D300mmDark Grey6
50800287LGW300 x D300mmLight Grey6
50800294RDW380 x D380mmRed1
50800294BEW380 x D380mmBlue1
50800294LBW380 x D380mmLight Blue1
50800294YWW380 x D380mmYellow1
50800294GNW380 x D380mmGreen1
50800294DGW380 x D380mmDark Grey1
50800294LGW380 x D380mmLight Grey1
50800295RDW380 x D380mmRed2
50800295BEW380 x D380mmBlue2
50800295LBW380 x D380mmLight Blue2
50800295YWW380 x D380mmYellow2
50800295GNW380 x D380mmGreen2
50800295DGW380 x D380mmDark Grey2
50800295LGW380 x D380mmLight Grey2
50800296RDW380 x D380mmRed3
50800296BEW380 x D380mmBlue3
50800296LBW380 x D380mmLight Blue3
50800296YWW380 x D380mmYellow3
50800296GNW380 x D380mmGreen3
50800296DGW380 x D380mmDark Grey3
50800296LGW380 x D380mmLight Grey3
50800297RDW380 x D380mmRed4
50800297BEW380 x D380mmBlue4
50800297LBW380 x D380mmLight Blue4
50800297YWW380 x D380mmYellow4
50800297GNW380 x D380mmGreen4
50800297DGW380 x D380mmDark Grey4
50800297LGW380 x D380mmLight Grey4
50800298RDW380 x D380mmRed5
50800298BEW380 x D380mmBlue5
50800298LBW380 x D380mmLight Blue5
50800298YWW380 x D380mmYellow5
50800298GNW380 x D380mmGreen5
50800298DGW380 x D380mmDark Grey5
50800298LGW380 x D380mmLight Grey5
50800299RDW380 x D380mmRed6
50800299BEW380 x D380mmBlue6
50800299LBW380 x D380mmLight Blue6
50800299YWW380 x D380mmYellow6
50800299GNW380 x D380mmGreen6
50800299DGW380 x D380mmDark Grey6
50800299LGW380 x D380mmLight Grey6
50800288RDW300 x D450mmRed1
50800288BEW300 x D450mmBlue1
50800288LBW300 x D450mmLight Blue1
50800288YWW300 x D450mmYellow1
50800288GNW300 x D450mmGreen1
50800288DGW300 x D450mmDark Grey1
50800288LGW300 x D450mmLight Grey1
50800289RDW300 x D450mmRed2
50800289BEW300 x D450mmBlue2
50800289LBW300 x D450mmLight Blue2
50800289YWW300 x D450mmYellow2
50800289GNW300 x D450mmGreen2
50800289DGW300 x D450mmDark Grey2
50800289LGW300 x D450mmLight Grey2
50800290RDW300 x D450mmRed3
50800290BEW300 x D450mmBlue3
50800290LBW300 x D450mmLight Blue3
50800290YWW300 x D450mmYellow3
50800290GNW300 x D450mmGreen3
50800290DGW300 x D450mmDark Grey3
50800290LGW300 x D450mmLight Grey3
50800291RDW300 x D450mmRed4
50800291BEW300 x D450mmBlue4
50800291LBW300 x D450mmLight Blue4
50800291YWW300 x D450mmYellow4
50800291GNW300 x D450mmGreen4
50800291DGW300 x D450mmDark Grey4
50800291LGW300 x D450mmLight Grey4
50800292RDW300 x D450mmRed5
50800292BEW300 x D450mmBlue5
50800292LBW300 x D450mmLight Blue5
50800292YWW300 x D450mmYellow5
50800292GNW300 x D450mmGreen5
50800292DGW300 x D450mmDark Grey5
50800292LGW300 x D450mmLight Grey5
50800293RDW300 x D450mmRed6
50800293BEW300 x D450mmBlue6
50800293LBW300 x D450mmLight Blue6
50800293YWW300 x D450mmYellow6
50800293GNW300 x D450mmGreen6
50800293DGW300 x D450mmDark Grey6
50800293LGW300 x D450mmLight Grey6
50800306RDW450 x D450mmRed1
50800306BEW450 x D450mmBlue1
50800306LBW450 x D450mmLight Blue1
50800306YWW450 x D450mmYellow1
50800306GNW450 x D450mmGreen1
50800306DGW450 x D450mmDark Grey1
50800306LGW450 x D450mmLight Grey1
50800307RDW450 x D450mmRed2
50800307BEW450 x D450mmBlue2
50800307LBW450 x D450mmLight Blue2
50800307YWW450 x D450mmYellow2
50800307GNW450 x D450mmGreen2
50800307DGW450 x D450mmDark Grey2
50800307LGW450 x D450mmLight Grey2
50800308RDW450 x D450mmRed3
50800308BEW450 x D450mmBlue3
50800308LBW450 x D450mmLight Blue3
50800308YWW450 x D450mmYellow3
50800308GNW450 x D450mmGreen3
50800308DGW450 x D450mmDark Grey3
50800308LGW450 x D450mmLight Grey3
50800309RDW450 x D450mmRed4
50800309BEW450 x D450mmBlue4
50800309LBW450 x D450mmLight Blue4
50800309YWW450 x D450mmYellow4
50800309GNW450 x D450mmGreen4
50800309DGW450 x D450mmDark Grey4
50800309LGW450 x D450mmLight Grey4
50800310RDW450 x D450mmRed5
50800310BEW450 x D450mmBlue5
50800310LBW450 x D450mmLight Blue5
50800310YWW450 x D450mmYellow5
50800310GNW450 x D450mmGreen5
50800310DGW450 x D450mmDark Grey5
50800310LGW450 x D450mmLight Grey5
50800311RDW450 x D450mmRed6
50800311BEW450 x D450mmBlue6
50800311LBW450 x D450mmLight Blue6
50800311YWW450 x D450mmYellow6
50800311GNW450 x D450mmGreen6
50800311DGW450 x D450mmDark Grey6
50800311LGW450 x D450mmLight Grey6
50800300BEW450 x D300mmBlue1
50800300DGW450 x D300mmDark Grey1
50800300GNW450 x D300mmGreen1
50800300LBW450 x D300mmLight Blue1
50800300LGW450 x D300mmLight Grey1
50800300RDW450 x D300mmRed1
50800300YWW450 x D300mmYellow1
50800301BEW450 x D300mmBlue2
50800301DGW450 x D300mmDark Grey2
50800301GNW450 x D300mmGreen2
50800301LBW450 x D300mmLight Blue2
50800301LGW450 x D300mmLight Grey2
50800301RDW450 x D300mmRed2
50800301YWW450 x D300mmYellow2
50800302BEW450 x D300mmBlue3
50800302DGW450 x D300mmDark Grey3
50800302GNW450 x D300mmGreen3
50800302LBW450 x D300mmLight Blue3
50800302LGW450 x D300mmLight Grey3
50800302RDW450 x D300mmRed3
50800302YWW450 x D300mmYellow3
50800303BEW450 x D300mmBlue4
50800303DGW450 x D300mmDark Grey4
50800303GNW450 x D300mmGreen4
50800303LBW450 x D300mmLight Blue4
50800303LGW450 x D300mmLight Grey4
50800303RDW450 x D300mmRed4
50800303YWW450 x D300mmYellow4
50800304BEW450 x D300mmBlue5
50800304DGW450 x D300mmDark Grey5
50800304GNW450 x D300mmGreen5
50800304LBW450 x D300mmLight Blue5
50800304LGW450 x D300mmLight Grey5
50800304RDW450 x D300mmRed5
50800304YWW450 x D300mmYellow5
50800305BEW450 x D300mmBlue6
50800305DGW450 x D300mmDark Grey6
50800305GNW450 x D300mmGreen6
50800305LBW450 x D300mmLight Blue6
50800305LGW450 x D300mmLight Grey6
50800305RDW450 x D300mmRed6
50800305YWW450 x D300mmYellow6
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