Treston Height Adjustable Above Workbench Accessories

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A range of above the workbench accessories to suit Treston Height Adjustable Workbenches.

Upright Profiles:

  • Needed for mounting accessories to workbenches
  • Includes 2 x vertical rails and 1 x horizontal rail
  • Supplied with 3 cable clips

Accessory Frame:

  • Divides the space between the upright profiles into 2 modules
  • Includes 1 x vertical and 1 x horizontal profiles
  • Useable Height: 500mm

Upper Shelf:

  • Upper Shelf which can be positioned at any height on the upright profiles
  • Made from 25mm laminated particle board
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 50kg

Perforated Panel:

  • Perforated steel panel to mount onto Accessory Frame
  • 9 mm perforations at 38mm centres

Adjustable Shelf:

  • Continuous adjustment for depth, height and angle
  • Made from 25mm laminated particle board with a lipped front edge
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 35kg
  • Mount onto Accessory Frame

Bin Rail:

  • Aluminium profile for stacking and picking bins
  • Mount onto Accessory Frame

Support Bracket:

  • Steel support bracket for suspending power tools and lighting units
  • Mount onto Upright Profiles

Swivel Arm with Tray:

  • Lockable, angle adjustable steel tray with swivel 360°
  • Tray Dimensions: W460 x D210mm
  • Arm Length: 590mm
  • Max Load Capacity: 15kg

LCD Swivel Arm:

  • Equipped with standard flat-screen mount 15 x 15mm and 100 x 100mm
  • The arm is double articulated and turns through a radius of 180°
  • It will extend between 95 - 425mm from the uprights
  • Quick release mechanism
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 10kg

LCD Bracket:

  • Quick release mechanism equipped with the standard used flat-screen mount 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 15kg
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