Steel Counter Bench Units for 200mm high Vista Bins

  • CB1/200,CB2/200,CB3/200,CB4/200,CB5/200 CB6/200
  • vista bins galvanised
  • UK manufactured counter bench units

Product information

Steel Counter Bench Units for use with 200mm Vista Bins.

Vista Bins are open fronted enabling easy access to contents when stacked.

Can be used as a general purpose workbench or as a stores counter within areas such as factories and workshops.

  • Choice of six sizes (mm)
850H x 1040W x 305D

850H x 1350W x 305D

850H x 1040W x 455D

850H x 1350W x 455D

850H x 1040W x 610D

850H x 1350W x 610D

  • Available empty or complete with 200mm high Vista Bins
  • Constructed from welded steel with bin retainers
  • Counter units have 1.6mm galvanised steel tops
  • Bins can be stored either 3 or 4 wide.
  • Made in the UK
Bin sizes:

VB4 - 305 x 305 x 200mm

VB5 - 455 x 305 x 200mm

VB6 - 610 x 305 x 200mm


£210(ex VAT)£252(inc VAT)


Product Code: C025962

Estimated Delivery: 20 Working Days