Rubbish Removal and Waste Management Products

Rubbish Removal & Waste Management products are available at Cupboards Direct. From Tilting Skips, Litter Bins, Bottom Emptying Skips and Dustbins. Call us on 01384 887084 or send an email to and we will be happy to help.

Wall Mounted Sack Holders

These circular wall mounted sack holders are fitted with a Rubber Lid with a galvanised circular mount.

Foot Operated Sack Holders

This range of sack holders are available in several models with a choice of different coloured lids.

Wire Mesh Sack Holders

These freestanding wire mesh sack holders are fitted with a rubber lid. Manufactured from 75 x 25mm wire mesh, finished galvanised or polyester coated in 6 different colours.

Aisle Recycling Waste Sacks

The new upgraded Racksack® is made from tough waterproof polyester and available in 12 standard designs. Warehouse end of aisle waste sacks provide an inexpensive solution to controlling your waste in warehouses and factories. They can be fitted at the end of each racking/shelving run to be accessible for staff to use.

External Cigarette Bins

This range of external cigarette bins includes wall ashtrays and free-standing ashtrays with a lift out litter bin and available in an attractive range of colours. 

Recycling Bins

An extensive range of standard and fire retardant bins suitable for the smallest to the largest applications in factory, warehouse and office. Available in plastic or steel, with assorted coloured lids for waste identification and rubbish removal.   

Wall and Post Mounted Litter Bins

These hooded litter bins are suitable for mounting to a post or on the wall, managing all rubbish removal problems. Slam shut lockable hood discourages scavengers.Hinged body is removable to enable easy emptying

Steel Litter Pedal and Push Bins

These dome top bins are available with a removable inner bin and finished painted, stainless steel or chrome plated. Providing a wide amount of options for rubbish removal.

Outdoor Hooded Litter Bins

These Plastic litter bins are fitted with a removable inner in and available in a range of colours.  

Wheelie Bins

This range of wheelie bins includes two-wheeled and four-wheeled models in plastic in a range of colours. A four-wheeled model in galvanised steel. In addition, we supply clinical wheelie bins. Supplied in yellow, and marked CLINICAL WASTE ONLY, these robust and durable bins are ideal for hospitals, laboratories, surgeries etc. Once a yellow bag is placed inside and the lid is closed, it need not be handled again. The container is secure and mobile, from ward or surgery to the incinerator - no secondary handling.

Tipping Waste Trucks 

Sturdy steel sheeting construction with reinforced edging and a frame made of steel tubing. Welding, oil and watertight. Spring safety fastening. Fitted with two front axle wheels and one rear swivel castor for easy maneuverability. Can be emptied to ground level. Fitted with a push handle and fork pockets as specified.

Self-Tipping Waste Skips

This large range of self-tipping waste skips are suitable for industrial use in factories, warehouses and building sites. They have been designed for forklift truck emptying and are suitable for most applications.

Bottom Emptying Skips

Large Waste Containers with Drop Away Base are ideal for collecting, storing and transfering materials to be recycled. Suitable for use with fork-lift trucks and cranes (supplied with 4 crane eyes 40 mm). Also suitable for pallet trucks (100mm ground leeway) and stackable (up to 3 high). Skips have a sturdy steel construction with smooth interior walls. Trapdoor is operated by a cable from the driver's seat, with rubber cushioning to lessen the impact when the trap door is opened. Trapdoor closes automatically when the container is set down on the ground. Can be secured to prevent slipping and unintentional emptying. Available in Grey, Green, Blue, Red or Galvanised.