Rock Salt

De-Icing Rock Salt
Bags of White Rock Salt

Product information

Rock Salt and shovels/scoops for use with Grit Bins ideal for Commercial, Industrial and Domestic use - grit your entrance, driveway, porch, patio and avoid those costly accidents.

  • Mined in the UK from huge underground salt seams
  • We can provide a single 25 kg bag suitable for residential properties up to tonne bags ideal for retail parks
  • We offer white salt as standard due to it's superior melting qualities compared to brown and, unlike brown salt, it leaves no residue post melting
  • Brown salt is also available - please ask for details
  • Shovels can be supplied for use with larger Grit Bins, which unscrew into two parts for easy storage within the Grit Bin
  • A range of small scoops is also available for use with small, domestic Grit Bins


Quantity  Type  Product Code Price Each Ex & (Inc) VAT EDT Qty
10 x 25kg bags White Salt in 25kg Bags 230630
£121.50   (£145.80)
48 x 25kg bags = 1 pallet White Salt in 25kg Bags 230632
£304.50   (£365.40)
96 x 25kg bags = 2 pallets White Salt in 25kg Bags 230633
£574.50   (£689.40)
144 x 25kg bags = 3 pallets White Salt in 25kg Bags 230634
£871.50   (£1,045.80)