Mini Plastic A5 Document Pocket Stand

Mini Plastic Document Pocket Stand
Plastic A5 Document Pocket Stand

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Product information

Mini Plastic A5 Document Pocket Stand has a smart plastic stand and is stable, adjustable and ergonomic

  • Ideal for Production, Planning, Health & Safety Areas, Hospitals, Reference Libraries, Offices, Schools, Laboratories, Kitchens etc
  • Information always at your fingertips
  • Size A5
  • Start up kit consists:
I Grey Arm I Grey Wall Unit A5 and 4 Grey Pluggers to maintain the pockets 10 Blue A5 Pockets in polypropylene 5 clip on index tabs 25mm (neutral or colour inserts) for 10 pockets

  • Max height 40cm and maximum width 38cm
  • Adjustable through to two articulations and a swivelling head
  • Capacity 10 A5 Pockets max