Charging Lockers

By combining storage security with in-built charging facilities, Moresecure has produced an innovative range of 'CE' certified storage units deliberately designed for today's fast paced working environments. And the benefits are not confined to specific users. They extend across a raft of industrial and commercial industries to academic and educational institutions.

Each locker in this new In Charge range is design tailored for a particular use. For example, the In Charge Laptop Charging Unit is made as a single door multi compartment model and as a multi-door unit which gives users direct access to individual compartments.

At the other end of the range, In Charge Multi Purpose Tool Lockers fill a long felt need for a robust storage unit for high value tools and equipment. Items such as cordless drills, laser levels and sanders have always proved vulnerable. Now, these new tool lockers not only provide high level security, they provide on-site charging facilities for equipment and spare batteries. Most of the In Charge lockers have side mounted internal sockets, some with single or double plug option. And doors and side panels are perforated to aid ventilation with all door frames fully welded for extra security.

There is also a model designed for use in communal areas. These are In Charge Personal Item Lockers, which provide secure storage and re-charging facilities and storage for small valuables such as wallets, bank cards and keys. In Charge Personal Item Lockers come in a variety of door configurations colours and finishes and have BioCote anti-microbial protection as standard. Every locker in the In Charge range is purpose designed and built to more than meet to specific needs - there is a model in this range designed exclusively for your individual requirement.

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