Clean Zone Control Mats

Clean Control Mats
Clean Zone Mats

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Product information

These Clean Zone Control Mats, Biocide Mats, Clean Room Mats, Contamination Control Mats are Clean-Off system low profile biocide incorporated dirt contamination control mats for essential maximum clean zones. The Clean-Off matting is a low profile thick, hard wearing and anti-skid vinyl frame/tray with 60 disposable layers of super-scientific anti-microbial adhesive film, each of which is simply peeled off individually as soon as thoroughly soiled and no longer fully effective, revealing the next clean tacky sheet ready for action! Once all these sheets are used, economical refill pads can then simply and instantly be installed within the mat frame.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Dimensions = overall frame size
800mm x 648mm  includes 1 x 30 layer pad 
1165mm x 915mm  includes 1 x 30 layer pad 
  • Colour White
  • Replacement pads can be purchased and simply installed into the mat frame