Bluetooth Smart Padlocks

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These incredible Bluetooth® Smart Padlocks are controlled using your smartphone and easy to use app.

With complete control it can be unlocked/locked, allow access to friends or relatives or limit access times e.g. day or night.

You can also control key access areas used by employees and can review any entry logs on your smartphone.

Temporary access can also be granted and "tamper alerts" can be received by email when any unauthorised attempts are made to open the lock.

  • Control using the Bluetooth® Smart protocol on your smartphone, tablet or other devices - no more lost keys, no need to remember combinations
  • Compatible with iOS 8 and Android 4.3
  • Allow/share access with colleagues, family and friends
  • Made from corrosion-resistant Zinc with a Boron Carbide shackle
  • Double locking for added security
  • Battery type CR2450 (indoor version, included) CR2 (outdoor version, included)

Indoor version

Dimensions  190mm high x 125mm wide x 40mm deep 
Weight  0.31kg 
Shackle diameter  7mm 
Vertical shackle clearance  22mm 
Horizontal shackle clearance  22mm 

Outdoor version

Dimensions  190mm high x 125mm wide x 40mm deep 
Weight  0.47kg 
Shackle diameter  9mm 
Vertical shackle clearance  51mm 
Horizontal shackle clearance  24mm 

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